See what people are saying about our solar charging cases!

“I love it. I’ve tried other solar products in the past but none of them compare to how great this one works!”

~ Mario CStudent

“I was pleased on how slim it was compared to other brands in the market, like Mophie.”

~ Technorns

“This solar case is amazing!  I was recently on a surf trip on a tiny remote island in Indonesia and didn’t have any power outlets where we were staying, but I was still able to charge my phone just using the sun!”

~ Jeremy RProfessional Surfer

“I found the case to be light weight and not too bulky for both the battery case and the solar case.”

~ Gunther Portfolio

“Thanks to iPowerUp, our team was able to discover their newest product that can solve our charging issues, a solar charging case.”


“When your smart phone battery dies, iPowerUp is the case that can charge your phone.”

~ The Steel Wire

Sometimes I forget to charge my phone and it’s convenient to just press a button to charge up.” 

~ Nancy

“Now my kids don’t have an excuse that their phone is dead, thanks to ipowerup!”

~ Julie

“Now that I can get power on the go I no longer have to always bring my charger” 

~ Kai

“I was filming my kids soccer game and my phone died, this hasn’t happened since I got an ipowerup case!”

~ Katie

“This is a well thought out product and the solar feature  works fantastic!” 

~ Steve

“I’m a weekend warrior climber and have used many solar packs on my trips. The Fusion is by far the most

  convenient best performing solar case I’ve ever used, well done!” 

~ Bob

“I’m a surfer and am often in locations where there is no access to power, I have to say I’ve used the Fusion case many times and it has performed very well every time, great product!” 

~ Dan

“I’ve recently purchased your Fusion product for my iphone 7 and based on its performance, wished I had it when Katrina Hurricane hit our area!”

~ Lou

“The Fusion is the Bomb!”  

~ Billy

“Since I purchased your iPhone 7 Revive case I don’t know how anyone gets through a day without one of your cases!” 

~ Eric

“I hunt and go out almost every weekend. I purchased a Fusion for my iphone 6 and use it mostly for my GPS feature to find my bearings when on the hunt. Your back up battery & solar function has saved my butt multiple times where otherwise I would have been lost, impressive product! 

~ John

“My daily routine is on my phone 90% of the time, your Revive case keeps me going for a full day!” 

~ Ryan

“My favorite hobby is lake fishing and use your Fusion on my boat to stay in touch, works great!” 

~ Ted