Invention Stories Podcast Episode 37 – Jerry Bessa Part 1


Jerry Bessa invented  the Fusion 2, the worlds first solar power case that uses the worlds most efficient solar cells to charge your phone quickly! So in 1 hour your talking for 3.5 hrs or online for 1.5 hours. In addition, the Fusion 2 is the first slim pocket-sized solar charger that will actually deliver on its power performance promise!

Most noteworthy, our phone is the “All In” communicator. Consequently, we are all dependent on our phones. So the phones Features and “always on” Apps continuously draw down your phone’s power. As a result phone batteries cannot keep up for all day usage without plugging in.

So click here to learn more about the Fusion 2 on their Indiegogo campaign.


Jerry Bessa

Jerry Bessa Work History


iPower Up Inc.

Founder and CEO

Ventura, CA

Jul 2007 – present


Research and Development.  Developer of unique proprietary alternative wireless energy charging technologies & distributor of Smartphone charging.  iPowerUp features products for a variety of smartphone accessory product lines. In addition, they are involved in a number of other unique RF/solar/energy technologies.


Genesis Electronics


Ojai CA

Jan 1999 – Jul 2007

Jerry Bessa oversaw Engineering, Design, Production, and Marketing of Alternative Energy CE products


Marlex International


Ojai, CA

Feb 1985 – Jan 1999

Principal & greenfielded Turnkey & Consignment Contract Manufacturing Operations in 3 different locations in Mexico. Specialized in Switching Power Supplies as well as Computers, Video Bds, Modems, Fax’s Cards, all build to print, subassembly / box build / test. Zoom Telephonics, Solectron (offload) & LH Research, Hughes were the largest customers.

Jerry Bessa also developed a 2nd business Brokering SMT Equipment & process lines. Furthermore, he contracted with multiple fortune 500 companies for depreciated capital equipment.  As a result, his largest clients were Solectron De Mexico, & Hughes Emsambladores (Hughes Avionics).



Marketing Manager

Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Mar 1983 – Jan 1985

So Jerry Bessa worked with numerous defense subcontractors on specifying mil-spec switching power supplies for unique defense systems & projects. Responsibility included oversight of 62 commercial sales engineers while under a sister Company for Novatronics.  He taught specsmanship techniques to enhance the overall sales opportunties within the defense subcontractor business for the company.


Cal Power Corporation

National Sales Manager

El Segundo, CA

Mar 1979 – Jan 1983

In conclusion, Jerry was the national sales manager in charge of Mil-Spec Power Supply Company providing custom analog & switching power supplies to Northrop, Rockwell, McDonnell Douglas, Litton, & Singer. So Jerry Bessa increased revenue from $2.3M to $5.8M in 1st yr, 2nd year $9.2M.


Click here to learn more about the Fusion 2 on their indiegogo campaign.

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