Invention Stories Podcast Episode #38 – Jerry Bessa Part 2


iPowerUp CEO Jerry Bessa was born and raised in Southern California.  He is an avid surfer who sees surfing as a lone sport.  Jerry appreciates that each wave is unique and what you chose to do with or how you ride it is up to you.  Jerry loves individual nature of this sport.  So he becomes one with nature as he rides the waves feeling like he is walking on water.

Jerry has a burning desire give to future generations something special that will help improve our environment.  So his working and living in harmony with nature came together one day while waiting for a set of waves to ride.

Jerry thought it would be cool to have his cell phone charging in a solar phone case, while he’s surfing.
And so began his mission to harvest power from the sun.  He’s applied it into a small form-fitted design to create a meaningful rechargeable mobile phone case.  He has made his vision a reality.   iPowerUp is bringing the best solar phone case ever developed to the market…the Fusion 2.


Episode 37…Jerry Bessa and the Fusion 2 Solar Phone Case Part 1

Jerry shares his life being a young man growing up in Southern California.  So he started his career by in quality control overseeing  other people making integrated circuits.  Especially relevant he became bored and requested to work in the sales department.  So the rest of the story can be found by listening to the Invention Stories Podcast. If you’ve missed Episode 37…Jerry Bessa and the Fusion 2 Solar Phone Case Part 1 please click here


Episode 38…Jerry Bessa and the Fusion 2 Solar Phone Case Part 2

Especially relevant, Jerry shares insight into the radio frequency energy technology that he using to power the next generation phone cases.  I found this to be most noteworthy as it will allow the phones to recharge constantly.  This allows phones to be powered by a smaller battery.  This technology will be a game changer.  I loved learning about it…it’s awesome!

To learn more about solid-state radio frequency energy, please click here and/or here.


In Conclusion

In Conclusion, I want to thank Jerry Bessa for allowing us to interview him.  So if you are an inventor or think about inventing…we invite you to download, listen, share Episode 38…Jerry Bessa and the Fusion 2 Solar Phone Case Part 2.  For more information on iPowerUp can be found at   Click here to learn more about the Fusion 2 on their indiegogo campaign.  And finally, a download and/or listening link is provided at the top left of this page.

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