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Invention Stories Podcast Episode 37 – Jerry Bessa Part 1

CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! Jerry Bessa invented  the Fusion 2, the worlds first solar power case that uses the worlds most efficient solar cells to charge your phone quickly! So in 1 hour your talking for 3.5 hrs or online for 1.5 hours. In addition, the Fusion 2 is […]

Solar Charging in Tulum – iPowerUp

We recently took a trip down to the Yucatán Peninsula before our upcoming Kickstarter campaign launch. Tulum, Mexico is such a beautiful location to test out our solar product and stay charged while site seeing! The sun is intense down there so charging is simple and fast… We had amazing solar charging results and we are extremely excited to bring this product […]

iPowerUp Fusion Solar Phone Charging Case

The following are a set of questions addressed in a Q&A session relative to our Fusion iP6/6S/7 Solar phone Charging case for your understanding. Opening Statement: Many consumers have tried small electronic power devices with solar capability called gadgets in the past, and found them to be ineffective, and are basically true. Our mission is […]

Best of CES 2017: Our Favorite Gadgets – by ABT

In a sea of biggest, brightest new products you can imagine from the industry powerhouses, sometimes it’s the clever, small items that catch your eye the most. Here are some of our favorite gadgets from CES 2017. iPowerUp Solar Charging Phone Case Solar-powered phone cases are nothing new, but good solar-powered phone cases are. In our […]

Eco Friendly Products – by Consume Differently

If we think to the future, among our greatest environmental concerns is non-renewable resources—particularly fossil fuels. And as these non-renewable and atmosphere-damaging raw energy sources deplete under our ever more power-hungry modern world, more and more people embrace natural, renewable energy alternatives such as solar. When you think of solar, images of power walls in […]