About iPowerUp

iPowerUp CEO Jerry Bessa, an avid surfer, has always had the drive to do something that will leave his mark. His love of ocean and sun came together while waiting for the next set to roll in. He began thinking of the calls and work to be done, but not until after one more great ride.
“It would be cool to be charging on the beach while watching the surf right now!
So began his mission to harvest solar power from the sun in a small convenient phone-fitted design delivering useful power swiftly.

iPowerUp has developed functional prototypes to take these designs into production for iPhone X/XS/XR consumers . We’ve advanced the solar initiative and added the lastest quick charging capabilities to minimize your wait times. A personal alternative power resource for when you need it most!

History – iPowerUp Hybrid Smartphone Chargers

iPowerUp, an R&D, design, and engineering firm specializing in traditional and alternative energy technologies since 2010. Jerry Bessa, it’s CEO has been engaged in alternative energy harvesting technologies since the mid-’90s.

From 2010 – 2015 iPowerUp created power cases for Blackberrys, Moto Razors, Samsungs, and Apple iPhone models up to the 8 series. Additional legacy power cases included wireless video projection and RF audio features that were sold in all Hudson News and Radio Shacks outlets.

We have spent several years in development to advance the solar performance and design it in a small iPhone power case design delivering viable solar  energy and fast traditional charging capabilities. The new Fusion II solar iPhone X/XS/XR  power cases are soon to be released on our Crowdfunding campaign, and will anticipate in retail stores by Q1 2020. Releasing in Q2 2020, 3 new universal solar power packs with 5V/9V/12V QC 3.0 (quick charge) and PD (power delivery) chargable with advanced solar that are small and fit in a pocket in Q2 2020, providing purposeful energy timely to charge all portable accessory products that will enhance ones lifestyle and enable freedom from a plug!

Fusion II in one hour of solar provides 2 hours of extended phone use, enough power till you can plug-in to continue enjoying whatever you’re doing when outside. Case’s battery charges in 3.8 hrs. Quick input charge with USB-C capability and Qi-compatible, all “State of the Art” charge methods!

Our Fusion II (CCS) combined charging system includes; 22% efficient solar, MPPT (maximum power point tracking) for optimization in varying light conditions, SSPM (solar system power management) for battery reception, retention and transfer, and special wafer-to-cell processing approach delivers 98% overall efficient power performance, the ultimate alternative energy achievement for personal security!

Now there’s a green energy source that’s readily accessible, multichargeable, protective in a phone case design for when a plug is not accessible!

Read more about solar advances by iPowerUp.

iPowerUp Philosophy

We create convenient power products that provide more time to connect, emergency preparedness, reduce carbon footprint, and give back to Mother Earth’s oceans. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to help clean our oceans, how all life is connected!

Giving something back!

We plan on giving back a percentage of all sales to clean up our oceans. We believe all life is connected by the sea, and we are passionate about keeping our water clean and supporting global efforts to protect sea life.
You may send your discarded iPowerUp products directly back to us for proper recycling.
Let’s reduce our footprints as much as possible to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

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