About iPowerUp

iPowerUp CEO Jerry Bessa, an avid surfer, has always had the drive to do something that will leave his mark. His love of ocean and sun came together one day while waiting for the next set to roll in. He began thinking of the calls to make and work to be done, but not until after at least one more great ride.
“It would be cool to have my cell phone charging right now on the beach, while I’m in the water.”
And so began his mission to harvest power from the sun, apply it into a small form-fitted design, and create a meaningful rechargeable mobile phone case.

Jerry’s been inventing and harvesting solar energy products and technologies since the mid 1990’s. In 2000, he created the world’s first multi-charging solar charging case for the Ericsson T28 World phone, though it was ten years ahead of it’s time. T9 texting was about as fancy as the cell phone got back then, there was little need for extra power like today.
iPowerUp released it’s first Apple compatible product for the iPhone 4/4S and Samsung III solar charging cases in 2010, and they hit shelves at every Hudson News and Radio Shack outlets nationwide.

iPowerUp Philosophy

We create convenient lifestyle products that allow you to have more time to do, connect, and play while giving back to Mother Earth’s oceans. 5% of all proceeds are donated back to the ocean, how all life is connected.

Giving something back!

We plan on giving back a percentage of all sales to clean up our oceans. We believe all life is connected by the sea, and we are passionate about keeping our water clean and supporting global efforts to protect sea life.
You may send your discarded iPowerUp products directly back to us for proper recycling.
Let’s reduce our footprints as much as possible to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

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