About iPowerUp

Jerry Bessa, CEO of iPowerUp has always had the drive to do something that will leave his mark.

Several situations triggered my entry into the smartphone accessory market, the most compelling were my 4 daughters telling me they were always out of power halfway through the day whenever I called them, truly frustrating! Developing a sustainable alternative energy backup power system in a convenient accessible design was the idea and beginning of my journey!

Smartphone features/apps constantly drain battery power no matter the combination of services you’re using, the new 5G development will empty your battery quicker than you think!

We use the most efficient solar for our modules and utilize scientific QC & semi-automated assembly system that eliminates any solar defects/anomalies prior to final assembly. Our combined charging system includes electronics that maximize/store the harvested energy delivers the best consumer experience available today in this small size.

iPowerUp today is solely focused on its alternative energy technologies for the “always connected” expanding IoT, Wearable, and Phone applications marketplace.

Our products also provide “state of the art” multi-chargeable, Qi and Quick Charge capabilities.  All in, our technology provides a highly reliable, effective, personal emergency energy solution to connect when you need it most!

1 hour of solar access, equals up to 2 hours of extended phone usage, more than enough time till you can plug-in. Designed for effective solar performance in minutes combined with quick traditional charging, best in class of both technologies to minimize wait times!

Why waste your money on an inexpensive solar product that won’t work or invest in a product that will work!!

In late 2020 iPowerUp entered a licensing relationship with Solviver Corporation for worldwide Online & Retail Distribution for its products.

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