7 Questions with ipowerUp founder

7 Questions with iPowerUp Founder – Part 1

Where did the idea for iPower Up begin?

Constantly running out power was what drove me to this mission.

What is your experience with these technologies?

Engaged in this technology since 2000. Have become an expert in the field of advanced alternative energy and power management technologies for small handheld electronic portable devices

What different types of products does iPower Up have in the market?

We provide standard and solar smartphone charging cases to the market

Where can your customers find iPower Up products?

At our website www.ipowerup.com and Sharper Image, and soon to be in selected brick and mortar stores.

What are three helpful tips for users of case technology?

When using our solar tech products;

1) place at the sun on a 30 degree angle for optimum solar reception

2) Move the device once an hour to stay at optimum direction when solar charging

3) Use this solar capability as often as is convenient to lower your carbon footprint and top off your battery.

Why solar and what are the benefits of using a solar powered phone case?

Our solar approach provides 500 mA’s p/hr and this amount of power is significant since it represents 4 hours talk time or 2+ hours on online time. Even in 30 minutes you can talk for 2 hrs or 1 hr of online time is available, and who doesn’t have 30 minutes?

Example of Consumers Carbon Footprint:  Mobile phone usage cause a
fairly tiny slice of global emissions, but if you are a chatterbox using your
mobile for an hour each day, the total adds up to more than 1 tonne CO2e per
year – the equivalent of flying from London to New York, one way, in economy
class. Now take this times 2.1 billion consumers and the overall number is
extremely significant, time we all start doing our part!

How do you keep iPowerUp technology and your skills current?

By staying up to date with the latest advances in solar technology, power management, and pushing the state of the art developments in this field of technology.