iPower Solar Charging Case for iPhone

 Best Solar Phone Charger. Wherever life takes you, never lose power with the iPower Fusion Hybrid Charging Case.



Fuel up from the power of the sun.  Store solar power in the case, and turn it on when your ready to use backup on the go. The internal 2500 mAh battery provides over 100% extra power, the rugged design protects your iPhone from nicks, scratches, drops and breakage. The Fusion’s solar panel provides power wherever you need it when access to an outlet is unavailable.  Even in short solar exposure your provided with meaningful power! You can plug in and charge the internal battery through AC/DC/USB, or expose the solar panel to direct sunlight. Be prepared for any emergency, anytime, anywhere!



  1. Capacity: Quality 2500 mAh Li-Polymer battery
  2. Charging: AC/DC/USB
  3. Talk Time: 19 hrs
  4. Standby Time: 326.8 hrs
  5. Internet Time: 13.6 hrs
  6. Video Time: 14.9 hrs
  7. Audio Time: 67.9 hrs
  8. Weight: 147.5 gms


• Size: 159.5 X 78.2 X 17.2mm
• Input: DC 5V – 1A
• Output: 5V – 1A
• Digital Solar “mA” Meter: Displays solar charge rate (real time).
• Battery Gauge: 4 LED battery fuel gauge to check stored power

• Internal Battery: 2500 mAh Li-Polymer
• Solar Panel Efficiency: 22.4% efficient
• Solar Panel 1 Size: 123.7 L X 57.0mm W
• Solar Panel 2 Size: 124.3 L X 56.6mm W

• Solar Panel Input: 450 mA’s (avg) – 500 mA’s (max) p/hr on a sunny day environment

• Finish: Extra rubber for rails & overall enhanced hexagon rubber finish for shock absorption
• Slot Button: Dual solar panel slot releases button to open solar panels for charging

• Phone Insertion: Top left and right clasps lock phone into charging case

• Charging: AC/DC/USB/SOLAR

• Certifications: Apple MFI, CE, UL, CSA, RoHS, FCC, Recyclable

• Connectors: Internal Lightening connector, external micro connector for charging, cable included

• Solar Charge Rate 0-Full: Fusion Case “sunny day” (AM1.5 @ AOI) 5.5 hrs, or “hazy day” 6.5 hrs (2500 mA’s). From case to iPhone 6 internal battery 0-full 3.6 hrs (1810 mA’s) and iPhone 6S 3.4 hrs (1715 mA’s)

Note: Charge rate dependent on a AM1.5 environment (clear sunny day) and AOI (incident angle of light, angle of solar panels exposed to sunlight)

Accessories included: Micro Cable, audio extender, 9H tempered glass screen protector

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