Best Solar Phone Charging Case by iPowerUp

iPowerUp Fusion Solar Phone Charging Case

The following are a set of questions addressed in a Q&A session relative to our Fusion iP6/6S/7 Solar phone Charging case for your understanding.

Opening Statement: Many consumers have tried small electronic power devices with solar capability called gadgets in the past, and found them to be ineffective, and are basically true. Our mission is to demonstrate that now there is a new highly convenient extremely effective solar power backup source that will extend your communication needs when traditional charging is not available.

The issue is that solar in small scale doesn’t provide sufficient power to support the phones constant power draw (operation and features usage time) in most cases. Because they are providing less than 100 mA’s p/hr. We provide 5X’s that p/hr, which equates to 3 hours of talk time of 1.5 hrs of online data time. The other negative issues are as follows:

The other negative issues are as follows:

1) Manufacturers typically integrate high capacity batteries, (long charging time)2) Do not have a solar power mgmt circuit to efficiently store the power in battery,

2) Do not have a solar power mgmt circuit to efficiently store the power in battery,

3) Fractured the solar cells when cutting them,

4) Typically use low efficiency (12 -16% eff.,) solar panels

Which in turn take 40-50- 80 etc…, hours to fill that battery which no one wants to wait for! To further the complicate the problem, companies either wildly overstate their performance or provide no performance data whatsoever (a fire and forget mentality approach) unfortunately. Our objective is to create the smallest most effective alternative power device that will truly benefit the customer!

This is the real challenge in my opinion!

Be assured that the Fusion will provide an exceptional solar experience in this size over any others before it. The first solar multi-charger to break through the negative mindset barrier that plagues our market for small handheld performance-based solar chargers!!


1a) Do I need to leave the phone in the case when solar charging?

1b) It’s recommended you don’t, but if you do shut off the phone during solar charging.

2a) What models does the Fusion work with?

2b) iPhone 6, 6S, or 7

3a) How long will it take to charge my iPhone 6, 6S, or 7 from Solar?

3b) It will take 3.6 – 4 hrs to charge up these phones. Dependent upon a AM1.5 environment (clear sunny day) and solar panels directly facing the sun on a 30°- 40° angle, and elevation.

4a) What’s the battery capacity in the case?

4b) 2500 mAh Li-Po Battery

5a) How long to charge the 2500 battery?

5b) 5.5 – 6 hrs (AM1.5 environ)

6a) Will the case get hot when lengthy solar charging?

6b)  Yes it will be hot to the touch since it’s black with a rubber finish which absorbs heat but you can handle the unit. Let it cool down for 5 min, then insert phone.

7a) How do I mount the phone?

7b) Top of the case has 2 clasps on each side, pull down on each to remove the top.

Note: Be careful with opening and closing this top design as we are redesigning out the clasps in our next production run.

8a) Will case protect my phone if I drop it?

8b)  Case has been bench drop tested to 4 ft and survived without noticeable damage although could show damage as it’s not shock or vibration proof to mil spec standards. There is a double overlay of rubber around the sides and back for additional shock protection under normal conditions.

9a) Can the case protect my phone’s screen?

9b) Yes, as there is a minor overlap on the cases rail design which should be just enough to keep the lens from a direct drop contact, however, we do not guarantee this.

10a) Can I use the solar charge rate in 30 minutes?

10b) Yes, but recommended exposing the unit for 1 hour because you may not have the proper angle, atmospheric conditions may not be optimum for best rate, or your case is completely empty, etc…

11a) What is the solar efficiencies of your product?

11b) 22.4% efficiency and is the highest for a commercial cell in the industry.

12a) Will this product charge from indoor lighting?

12b) No, different light spectrum (not usable for anything other than a calculator)

13a) Will this unit charge my phone in less than ideal conditions?

13b) Yes, but at a lower variable rate.

14a) Will this unit charge through my window in the office or my car dash?

14b)  Yes in both cases a car window has a green filter which will reduce your charge rate, recommend you AC/DC charge instead if in car or indoors.

16a) Has this model been tested to the Apple MFI Specifications and if so did it pass?

16b) Yes and passed the OTA MFI requirements and is certified.

17a) Does the Fusion have a viewing stand?

17b) Yes when you open the back case you have a horizontal stand for viewing.

18a) Is there a way to store or carry a CC or cash on this device?

18b) Yes in the solar compartment.

19a) Can I attach the unit to a backpack?

19b) Yes through the camera opening as needed.

20a) Is the hinge mechanism designed to last?

20b) Yes it’s very durable for opening and closing as it was internally stress tested / over time and showed reasonable usability/durability.

Best of CES 2017: Our Favorite Gadgets – by ABT

In a sea of biggest, brightest new products you can imagine from the industry powerhouses, sometimes it’s the clever, small items that catch your eye the most. Here are some of our favorite gadgets from CES 2017.

iPowerUp Solar Charging Phone Case

Solar-powered phone cases are nothing new, but good solar-powered phone cases are. In our experience, the cases typically never meet their claimed specs, taking much longer than expected to deliver any worthwhile juice to your phone. So we’re optimistic that the iPowerUp cases live up to their claims. Thanks to refinements in photovoltaic technology, the extra-efficient panels on this case can produce 450-500 mAh of power in one hour of sun exposure. That means a typical smartphone battery should be charged to full capacity in five to six hours.If the iPowerUp Solar Case lives up to its claims, we can see this being one of the year’s most popular iPhone accessories.


ipower up iPhone Fusion Solar charger at the beach

Eco Friendly Products – by Consume Differently

If we think to the future, among our greatest environmental concerns is non-renewable resources—particularly fossil fuels.

And as these non-renewable and atmosphere-damaging raw energy sources deplete under our ever more power-hungry modern world, more and more people embrace natural, renewable energy alternatives such as solar.

When you think of solar, images of power walls in buildings and solar electric cars of the future probably spring instantly to mind. The names Tesla and Elon Musk are on the tip of your tongue. A sense of innovation and huge, industry-leaders flavours our thoughts on the future of how we will sustainably fuel our power needs.

But reducing your reliance on fossil fuels by incorporating more solar into your life is an expensive exercise, right?

Well, that’s not entirely true now, is it.

For many years portable solar technologies that are affordable have been available for the greenie on a budget to make the most of. Compact devices like solar torches and chargers are much loved by the camping and adventure sports communities and for good reason.

Having your own solar devices and chargers is liberating in that it allows you to still have use of your essentials (phone, camera…portable hairdryer even) while you’re out exploring nature far from urban conveniences. Plus you’re not relying on fossil fuels which are so harmful to those naturally beautiful places and our planet as a whole.

Here’s the thing: these smaller items that harness the energy of the sun need not be reserved for use while hiking and when no other alternative is available. We say, use them whenever you can!

In particular, I am loving the idea of solar phone charging cases. iPowerup is a company that makes phone cases that incorporate the energy of the sun in your everyday life. How brilliant is that?

Simply connecting a solar panel to your phone wouldn’t be practical. But Californian company iPowerup have engineered phone cases that are convenient, slim, durable, and open to form a double solar panel that charges a battery in the phone case so you can charge your phone on the go. While exposing your phone in its case to the sun may damage it, charging the empty case first, then slipping your phone into it is the next best thing.

As a company, iPowerup wants to make our planet a better place that’s kinder for our species and others. That’s why they aims to donate a percentage of their sales to cleaning up the oceans and ask that you send your products back to them at the end of their life so they can be properly recycled.

I like too, that iPowerup doesn’t focus solely on iPhone users, having cases for both iPhones and for Samsung phones- hopefully with even more coming in the future!